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Beeswax Candles

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It would appear that living in 21 century is almost futuristic: nanotechnologies, smartphones, Windows XP is already obsolete, operation systems run at light-speed, etc. And in the midst of all this - a talk about the value of a beeswax candle. What? Only to pray or meditate? But here's the deal. Nobody, with an unlikely exception of a few people, can see radio-waves on planet Earth. How do you even know they exist? But we all have our mobile phones and they work, although wedon't see how exactly that happens. Again, no one except Nikola Tesla knew how electricity works either. We believe in things we don't really understand. When they work. According to the recent studies of the Institute of Social Ecology (St. Petersburg, Russia), sweat and perspiration don't get fully removed while washing. Even if you set the washing machine to boiling hot. This means that when I wash my clothes in a public Laundromat, I get all those other people's sweat on my clothes - and, naturally, their energy with it. People share their energy like free Wi-Fi. Disagree? Awesome! Believe it or not, it works just like radio waves. The good news is, there are ways to deal with small-scale energy interference. And as you already may have guessed, here is when a beeswax candle comes useful. Washed clothes from a public laundry must be briefly held at a safe distance above a wax candle. And that's it. How it works is that the phantom of the flame of a good organic candle rises to a couple of meters high. All negative energy connection would be 'burned off' on a subtle level. You would keep your energy pure. Everyone would be happy. By the way, a funny tradition of jumping over a fire at Carnivals in medieval Europe has its rationale in the same energy purification mechanism. And such purification results in a boost of your own life energy. Then you live a happier, more energized life. Not bad for a simple wax candle, huh?

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