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Why burn candles?

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They have calming and healing properties and are therefore often used by massage therapists and psychologists. Burning flames help to relax and calm the mind. After a busy day, light the lights, watch the flames play and just take a deep breath.
 Beeswax is a product that bees produce for their own use, more specifically to build honeycombs. Special glands in the bee's body are responsible for the production of wax. Thus, wax is an exclusively natural, reproducible product.
When burned, wax releases a number of substances that have immunostimulating and antiseptic effects.
Wax candles also have a pleasant light honey aroma.  Making candles from wax is a real mystery! The process itself is fascinating, meditative and relaxing.
In a room where wax candles are burning, it is inexplicably pleasant to be in and watch the dance of the flame.
Wax candles are the choice of those who care about themselves, their children's health and nature.

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